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The dependable functionality of the Model D RowErg is now the best selling indoor rower on earth. Inspired by aggressive rowers as the norm for indoor training, the Model D provides a powerful aerobic exercise that will boost your exercise level and tone your physique. In a fraction of the price of additional home exercise equipment or a yearly gym membership, you are able to get the luxury of exercising on your house whenever you choose...and also get a fantastic work out to boot.

Concept 2 makes the most well-known rowing machines worldwide and has been doing so for the past 40 years. Their rowers are the top choice of CrossFit as well as the majority of indoor rowing events, including the world championships. They they are also the one that the top rowers of all time use for indoor training. Easy to use, durable and backed by two-year guarantee Concept 2 Model D Concept 2 Model D is an excellent purchase for everyone whether an Olympian to a dedicated at-home fitness enthusiast.

Things To Consider Before Buying

There's nothing to think about before buying Concept 2 Model D. Concept 2 Model D, to be truthful. It's among the top rowers I've used. There's a reason why it is found in the majority of gyms that are commercial, at-home gyms, and CrossFit Boxes all over the world.

It isn't the cheapest piece of equipment and there are plenty of top rowers that you can purchase at a lower cost. Although I believe Model D is a great choice, Model D would be a excellent investment, if aren't able to afford it, take a look at other rowers. Check out our guide to the most efficient rowers for more choices.

Another thing to point to is the fact that this rower sits extremely close to ground. If you suffer from an injury or are finding it hard to get yourself down before recovering it is possible that you are better in a rower with an upright seat.

Price And Value

Its Model D indoor rowing machine equipped with a PM5 display isn't the most affordable rower however Concept 2 rowers can last an entire lifetime, and it's not unusual to find old Concept 2 rowers still in large numbers in commercial environments.

Many of the major components are repaired if they fail, and the two-year manufacturer warranty will give you total security. Even at the beginning it's worth it. Model D rower represents very affordable value considering it's likely to be the only rowing machine you'll ever have to purchase.

Is a Concept 2 worth the money?

An Concept 2 rower is certainly worth the cost when you can afford it. Concept 2 rowers are regarded as the standard in the industry for reasons. They're not just great rowers on the basis of performance but are also sturdy and last for a long time. However, components are easily replaced if and as required. Concept2 rowers maintain their value very well, with second-hand equipment often costing 10% to 20% less than retail value.

What Is The RowErg?

RowErg is the name that Concept 2 has chosen for its rower. The name is more similar to Concept2's other brands including that is the SkiErg as well as the BikeErg. There is only one model with black color, however you have the option of two sizes. The RowErg that comes with the standard 14 inch seat height was previously known as Model D. The taller seat height of 20 inches is exactly the same height that is it is the Model E. However the Model E has now been taken off the market.


Is Concept 2 The Best Rowing Machine?

Concept 2 manufactures some of the top rowing machines. They've been in operation for more than 40 years and have become extremely popular, especially with cross-fitters, rowers, Olympians and other top-level athletes. There is no reason to not choose Concept 2 however whether they're the right device for you depends on the features you're looking for.

How much does the Concept 2 rower cost?

A Concept2 rower can cost between £800 and £900 dependent on whether you choose to go to go with one of the Concept2 RowErg as well as 2714: the Dynamic Indoor rower. You can find the cost at Rogue as well as Amazon UK.

Does Concept 2 Ever Go On Sale?

Concept2 rowers rarely go for sale. If you're looking for one at a bargain price the best option is to try to purchase one used. We've got a thorough guide on the best way to purchase an used Concept2 rower.


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