cheese new logoCHEESE stands for Cold Home Energy Efficiency Survey Experts. It is a pilot project in Bristol for a city-wide scheme that uses thermal imaging to highlight areas of domestic heat loss in residents’ homes. It has the triple aims of lowering energy consumption, saving householders money and reducing the carbon footprint of Bristol homes.

The pilot activity in Easton and Lawrence Weston was funded by a grant from Bristol 2015 and supported by the Energy Action Group from the Bristol Green Capital Partnership, with finance received from Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood partnership to extend a pilot scheme to Redland. Thermal photographs of the outside of domestic houses are being taken in these regions using of low-cost thermal cameras that attach to iPhones. The images are being uploaded to the website. This allows users to find their house on an online map, alongside the corresponding thermal image, and then ‘step’ along the street to compare their home with other properties. Included is information on exemplar properties, details of how to interpret the images and suggestions for the next steps that can be taken to reduce heat loss.

cheeseIf after seeing the heat loss from their home, people would like to investigate how best to reduce this, they can arrange an internal thermal imaging survey. The householder accompanies a surveyor around the property and is then briefed on the ‘faults’ and how they might be remedied. During the survey a walk-round film is made to highlight the cold spots, with a running-commentary on what is found. A copy of the film is given to the householder for future viewing.

Anyone interested in the project can attend a CHEESE party. These are small energy events that make use of images from Heatview, both inside and out. Over cheesy snacks (and other nibbles), people can meet and engage their neighbours on energy awareness and action. These actions include specific things people can do in their homes, including having a thermal survey, and the Do15 energy pledge programme.

CHEESE project winners
CHEESE won the energy award at the Green Volunteers Award 2016.


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