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Low Carbon Gordano represents a new vision for ownership of our energy supplies – a vision that allows local people to own and profit from the development of renewable energy resources

We are an energy saving and generation co-operative run for the benefit of the local community.
Low Carbon Gordano (LCG) commissioned their first solar array at Moorhouse Lane north of Avonmouth in Bristol in April 2015 following a successful public share offer which raised £2.2 million. The array has a peak capability of 1.83MW and is projected to generate 1,700MWh of electricity each year – enough to power 500 homes and save 850 tonnes of CO2. Up to the end of June 2015 the array had generated 660MWh and saved 350 tonnes of CO2. LCG is a Community Benefit Society formed in 2011 to develop community owned renewable energy projects. Moorhouse Lane is the largest community renewables project, and the first large scale community solar array in Bristol.

The second project at Ham Lane has been operational since the end of November 2015 and by the end of December 2019 had generated 3,876 MWh of clean renewable electricity and saved 2,033 tonnes of CO2. Ham Lane Solar Array consists of 3588 panels and has a peak output of 915kW. It will generate electricity equivalent to the consumption of 250 homes.

LCG is delighted to be working in partnership with Mongoose Energy – an energy services co-operative established by Bath and West Community Energy.


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