The aim is to make Totterdown more energy aware, reduce carbon emissions be greener – but also to engage the community and get people talking to each other

Totterdown Energy Group is part of the Totterdown Residents Association. The group is keen to get locals involved in improving their homes and signing up to make a difference. Totterdown has its own campaign to encourage people to do more green things. The aim is to get all the tasks completed 15 times, so that they can then compile a book of the event and activities.

Totterdown Energy has held a six week course on how to Make Your Home Eco – which had local residents talking about their homes, what they could do to make it warmer and cheaper to run. The group has also engaged residents during the Totterdown Arts Trail and Garden Party events. Passers-by are often attracted by the electricity generating bicycle, where people are able to power light bulbs from the energy of their own cycling and feel the difference when powering a 60W light bulb compared to a 6W LED.

Totterdown Energy takes part in Bristol Green Doors and has recruited many local householders to take part for the first time. The group have also purchased a thermal imaging camera and plans to take part in the CHEESE (Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts) project in the colder months.
The group meets regularly on the first Wednesday of each month at the 75-78 Saint Luke’s Road, Totterdown BS3 4RY.


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