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A friendly and vibrant neighbourhood where the word ‘community’ really matters

We are a community driven Regeneration Project for the Lawrence Weston community in North Bristol. Having carefully researched and published a detailed Community Plan, our work is about ensuring that residents:

Can access quality and sustainable jobs, services and shops
Can benefit from high quality education and training throughout their lives
Can enjoy modern community, leisure and art facilities

  • Can look after their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing with access to high quality and appropriate services and support
  • Will have secure access to adequate amounts of affordable, safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate foods
  • Understand their rights and are empowered to make choices to improve their own lives
  • Have access to safe and well-maintained green spaces and are actively involved in their upkeep
  • Enjoy an environment which is looked after, safe and clean
  • Can access healthy, sustainable and affordable homes for all stages of life
  • Can travel safely on well-connected and affordable routes
  • Feel part of a community which supports and looks after one another and is welcoming and inclusive
  • Collectively celebrate the heritage and identity of the neighbourhood and plan carefully for its future
  • Have a strong voice and can be at the heart of decision making locally

In support of the Community Plan, the ALW Community Energy Group principle aim is to tackle fuel poverty in Lawrence Weston and reduce the cost of energy to residents, while also using the opportunities that arise to provide information, up-skilling, training, education, and employment, at the same time improving comfort, health and well-being

Ambition Lawrence Weston (ALW) is a company limited by guarantee, an open membership, not-for-profit organisation for those living and working in Lawrence Weston. It was set up by local residents to pursue the much needed regeneration of the community, and is the recognised community Neighbourhood Planning Forum and Big Local Trusted Organisation. ALW is a member of the Bristol Energy Network and of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership.



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