R.A.D.E. is a central rallying point for residents, action groups and organisations concerned about the placement of Short Term Operating Reserve ‘STOR’ sites in residential areas and communities without proper regard to the health of Bristol residents and the environment.

RADE is a voluntary group of local Citizens, including Planning, and Development experts, who are committed to practical solutions to the Air Quality and Energy problems facing central Bristol. As well as objecting to the generation of electricity at peak times by Diesel Engines off Feeder Road, St Philips Marsh [a so-called STOR – or Short Term Operating Reserve plant]; RADE are also working with the Lockleaze citizens, and Aura Power Ltd, to install a state of the art Battery Storage system at Romney Avenue, Lockleaze. This will not only store excess electricity during times of surplus, it will immediately release it when needed, without a stream of lorries delivering diesel; no engines to pump exhaust fumes into the air, and with no more noise than some air conditioning units.

When Plutus’ submitted their 2nd attempt to get planning permission for the Feeder Road scheme in the summer of last year, it was RADE that paid out of their own pockets for independent experts to assess Plutus’s claim that the diesel engines would not cause harm.  Not surprisingly, these experts [Bristol based Air Quality Consultants Ltd] concluded that the plant would have a detrimental effect in an Air Quality Management Zone; indeed, Plutus Energy’s New Zealand based consultants had always chosen the most favourable interpretation of wind and other factors; whilst making major calculation errors on the noise of the Generators. This evidence persuaded the Council to reject Plutus’ plans.



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