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Our conference is being held at Kings Weston House in Bristol on Saturday June 24th from 1000-1600. Tickets are free but strictly limited. Register here!

Putting Communities at the heart of Bristol’s energy system

Our vision is a city where clean, green, affordable energy is delivered to the community by the community.

Energy is an important aspect of all our lives. We use energy, such as electricity and gas, to heat our homes and buildings, heat water, cook our food and much more. However, our current energy system is not working for everyone.

Bristol Energy Network is an umbrella organisation for individuals and community groups with an interest in energy in Bristol and the surrounding area. BEN has over twenty member groups working towards a fair, sustainable energy system. They are involved in many different energy projects, including assisting people struggling to pay their energy bills, advising people on how to reduce their energy use and raising money for and installing community-owned renewable energy projects (eg installing solar panels on community buildings). Find out more about BEN.

Our core areas of work are reflected in the Bristol Community Strategy for Energy which was created collaboratively in 2013:

Bristol’s Community Strategy for Energy


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