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10 asks for a Smart Local Energy Revolution-Community Views and Plans for Bristol

Here are the network’s suggested questions to ask candidates at the upcoming Bristol Mayoral, and West of England Combined Authority Mayoral, hustings so that we are making the right kind of progress on a just transition and climate emergency. Some of the candidates have answered our 10 questions. You can see their responses here.

Please see the ’10 Asks’ page for the supporting document and background to the questions. 

  1.  How can we grow and support our community energy sector to deliver a smart, local (community) energy system?
  2. How can we ensure that more renewable energy is generated and community owned in Bristol?
  3. a) How can we encourage take-up of energy efficiency measures in our homes (existing and future) to reduce heat demand? b) How can our homes be supplied with heat from renewable energy sources?
  4. a) How can we employ and train a green workforce to deliver a smart local (community) energy system? b) How can we ensure that the inequalities in our current energy system are addressed?
  5. How do we transition to a NetZero integrated transport system that is affordable and accessible for all?
  6. How can we ensure that in the future energy system air quality emissions are prioritised alongside reducing carbon emissions ?
  7. How can we ensure that climate change is addressed in new developments?
  8. How can we eliminate fuel poverty in Bristol? a) What strategy and action plan should we follow? b) What is our timeline? c) What should be our initial actions over the next two years?
  9. How can we increase opportunities to educate Bristol on energy issues, particularly in less affluent communities?
  10. How can we reduce consumption and waste across the city?

What we do

Putting communities at the heart of Bristol’s energy system

Energy is an important aspect of all our lives. We use energy, such as electricity and gas, to heat our homes and buildings, heat water, cook our food and much more. However, our current energy system is not working for everyone.

Bristol Energy Network is an umbrella organisation for individuals and community groups with an interest in energy in Bristol and the surrounding area. BEN has over twenty member groups working towards a fair, sustainable energy system. They are involved in many different energy projects, including assisting people struggling to pay their energy bills, advising people on how to reduce their energy use and raising money for and installing community-owned renewable energy projects (eg installing solar panels on community buildings).

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