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We believe that we can all make a difference. Things can be done in a way that nurtures us and the Planet as well!

We are a collaboration between a climate change student and an environmentalist who likes to build useful things. Together we have built various pedal powered contraptions like a cinema, sound system, our light bulb box which serves as a tool for energy generation and conservation education, 3 phone charging units. All of them are pedal powered, can be used off grid and are available for hire.

Doing green things is about using one’s imagination and creativity, thinking of new and exciting ways of doing things that will make a positive change in your life and everyone else.

Cycletricity aims to provide people with an alternative. Our “equipment” can be used to host a pedal powered cinema or presentation, it could power a band on stage at a festival or a community event or you could try our “light bulb competition” to physically experience how much energy is needed to power an old filament light bulb compared to a LED one. These are just a few suggestions. We are open to your suggestions and ideas for new and wonderful challenges.


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