Bristol Energy Cooperative is a community group aiming to expand the region’s renewable energy supply, and respond equitably to current and future energy challenges

We are looking for volunteers for a number of renewable energy projects. One of our major projects is to sign up lots of community buildings for solar panels, and we would like volunteers to take the lead in guiding the buildings through the process to install PV.

Bristol Energy Co-op is offering training and group support, so you will not be going it alone! We are also keen to sign up schools for solar panels, so there are some great opportunities to help schools and bring renewable energy to kids in a way they can really appreciate.

There are other opportunities in energy monitoring, for those who would like to get the grips with the systems we use, and there is lots of scope for creativity in our communications and engagement work. We work co-operatively with people and communities to make carbon reduction technologies available to all, regardless of financial resources, and support mutual action to respond to the challenges of climate change.




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