Deep Retrofit: Giant steps to energy efficient, warm homes

A webinar by Liam Schofield from the Carbon Coop This session was the next in the progression of these fantastic webinars by the Carbon Coop from Draughtproofing to Airtightness and now some practical steps with case-studies of people who have made these energy efficient changes to their homes. And these examples were not for the … Continued

How air-tight is your home?

A webinar by Diane Hubbard from the Carbon Coop. So, why does air-tightness matter? Well, if a house is not insulated properly or has draughts, cold air can move around the insulation so that its not effective. And, if warm, moist air is escaping through areas you don’t want it to it can condense on … Continued

Starting to Zoom….

To help you use Zoom more effectively, Caroline Ennion shares the learning and top tips gleaned from a virtual training course delivered by Georgina Wilson from Businesses Under Development (BUD). . . . The recording of the course is here. . Slides for the course: Facilitating using Zoom. . . You do not have to … Continued

Draughtproofing v. Ventilation

Home Health Check webinar by Anaeka Kellay from Carbon Coop As we’re spending such a lot of time at home during this pandemic, and because the coronavirus impacts the respiratory system, and because I always thought that a draughty house, like mine, was also a ventilated house I thought this, my first ever webinar would … Continued

Practical steps for building diverse and inclusive groups

Voscur delivered a training course on ‘Practical steps for building diverse and inclusive groups’ on 21 February 2017. Groups attending the training included Bedminster Energy Group, Bishopston Cotham an Redland Energy Group, Sustrans, Bee the Change, Herbalists without Borders, Protect our NHS, Street Goat, NHS and Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Partnership. Some key learning points: Educate … Continued

Building your group

On Saturday 28 January 2017 we held our ‘Building your Group: bringing new people and skills into your group’ session, delivered by Voscur. The session covered barriers and motivations relating to getting involved in a group, micro-volunteering, Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and ensuring you find the right people for the right roles. We also … Continued

Powering your Projects – all about fundraising

Through this session, run by Voscur, we learnt about different funding sources, the principles of income diversity and how to write a winning funding application. Quartet Community Foundation gave advice about applying to their range of funds including the Bristol Community Energy Fund.   Attendees came from a range of community organisations, some were energy focused, some … Continued

Community Powered Change – Making Decisions that make a Difference

Many of the complex challenges we face are really urgent: from climate change to fuel poverty, we need action yesterday. But in our haste many are left behind and the decisions we make are poorer for it. After all, how can we create a world that works for everyone if we don’t include everyone in … Continued


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