4 Oct 2017: What does community energy need to thrive?

IMG_0488On 4 October 2017 we met at FaithSpace in Redcliffe to talk about what community energy needs to thrive, including what resources we need and what policies are relevant locally.

The discussion was in the context of the 5-year anniversary of the Community Strategy for Energy, which is coming up next year. We wanted to start thinking about how the energy field has changed over this time and how we need to respond to this going forward.

The meeting included presentations from Mark Leach, Bristol City Council, and Liz Beth, Planning Consultant specialising in Neighbourhood planning, on policies relating to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and fuel poverty.

Following the presentations there was small group work to discuss how the policies affected the 5 core areas of the Community Strategy for Energy: community resilience, energy understanding/ literacy, low carbon technology, renewables and local economy. Through these discussions we discovered new topics and developments relevant to the energy field today that will be explored further when developing a revised strategy.

The flipcharts from the discussions are below, with typed up notes in this link:

A PDF of the slides is also available in the link below:

1 community resilience

2 energy understanding

3 low carbon technology

4 renewables

5 local economy1

5 local economy2

5 local economy3

5 local economy4