Our volunteers make a huge contribution to the work of the Network – we couldn’t do it without you! We have a whatsapp group for Volunteers and Energy Champions, and meet up to organise, share ideas and learn, as well as for socials.

Current volunteers get together do a wide range of roles including:

Outreach events – coming to outreach events in communities throughout Bristol, and working alongside Energy Champions to share energy advice, signpost people to more in depth energy advice e.g. retrofit support and CSE’s energy advice helpline.

Cycle powered stage at an event

Communications – developing BEN’s social media presence, promoting our upcoming events and activities, creating content, re-posting useful information and news from the ace people we follow.

Policy and Consultation responses – One of the roles of BEN is to respond to emerging energy policy in the city. There are two main volunteer opportunities which could contribute to our work in this area:

  • Looking out for policy and consultation opportunities that are relevant to BEN’s work, keeping track of them as they develop, and keeping the BEN membership informed through blog posts, input to the newsletter and social media
  • Co-ordinating consultation responses from members – this has a powerful impact when BEN is able to speak to policy makers as a representative of the member groups, by consulting with the members and writing a shared policy response.

EnergyBites! We’re looking for people to do bite-sized bits of research into energy saving and generation measures to share with other Energy Champions, BEN members and to help people to achieve their EnergyPledges. These Energy Bites could include:

  • finding the best video demonstration of draughtproofing your front door
  • how on earth do you stop draughts from your ceiling downlighters?
  • where do I buy secondary glazing?
  • etc etc

So, if you have a bit of knowledge, have found the perfect demo video; or if you have some time and interest to help out by doing some desk-based or even some practical research, please let me know!     


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