Warm Up Bristol and the end of the Green Deal

With the recent government announcement on 23rd July that the Green Deal coming to an end there is an uncertainty as to what comes next. Fortunately the Warm Up Bristol scheme is an initiative led by Bristol City Council and is able to continue its offer until March 31st 2016 details of which can be found on the Warm Up Bristol website.

Some Green Deal cashback is sill available although they will not be accepting any new loan applications. Applications made before 23rd July 3:30pm will be processed as normal so long as there are no errors. Applications via the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund which is not administered by the Green Finance Company will close on the 30th September or when the remaining 4m funding runs out, whichever is sooner. The Energy Company Obligations (ECO) scheme, which was launched alongside the Green Deal and gives grants to low-income households and people living in older properties, will continue to run until March 2017 its future is also under review.

For up to date impartial advice on grant funding for retrofit call Centre for Sustainability Helpline: 0117 934 1400.