Update on Network incorporation process


The network is to be incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee with a large membership. Two types of memberships will be written into the Articles of Association: voting and non-voting members. Voting members will consist of community energy initiatives in Bristol and the surrounding area. Non-voting members will consist of individuals and organisations interested in the activities of the network. All members will be regularly consulted with, on an ongoing and informal basis. 


Key features of new CIC:

·       Two types of membership: voting and non-voting

o   Voting members will consist of community energy initiatives/organisations in Bristol and the surrounding area

o   Non-voting members will consist of individuals and organisations interested in the activities of the network and member groups

·       Two representatives per member organisation will have voting rights

·       The current directors (Jake Barnes, Paul Adams and David Tudgey) will form the initial founding directors of the company with more directors/executive directors being sought once incorporated

·       Members will only be liable for £1

·       Strategic partners have not be written into the articles of association of the company but will be negotiated later


Benefits of becoming a member:

·       Continued involvement in the BEN’s work

·       Greater influence over the BEN’s decisions/direction, through the direct election of directors

·       Opportunity to benefit from resources the BEN has access to, now and in the future (including knowledge and best practice sharing, peer-to-peer support, expert advice and guidance)

·       Use of the BEN as a platform for coordinated work across the city with other groups and strategic partners

·       Having a presence at events that the BEN attends

·       Promotion of events and news through the BEN network

·       Access to free insurance for events, if undertaken under the BEN umbrella


Next steps:

·       Key documents are linked below. Of interest may be the proposed goverance structure and the articles of Association. Please feel free ask any questions you may have, preferably before the Friday 2nd May

·       Check with your group and seek any clarifications from us

·        Hopefully be ready to sign up as founding members and attend the sign-up meeting:

o   Date: Wednesday 7th May

o   Time: 7pm, for 7:30pm (until 8:30pm)

o   Location: Upstairs in Roll for the Soul

Agenda: Overview of governance structure and documentations, opportunity to ask questions, collection of signed memorandum’s (copies will be available to sign), update on process going forwards


Linked documents:

·       BEN Governance Structure April 2014 click here

·       BEN Articles of Association April 2014 click here

·       BEN Memorandum of Association April 2014 (to be signed by members) click here

·       BEN Declaration CIC 36 April 2014 click here