Community Energy Toolkit for community groups and local authorities

Bristol Energy Network (BEN) has developed this toolkit for community groups and local authorities to help them understand each other better and to provide ideas for how to work together and harness the power of local energy.

It draws on our experience in Bristol of developing community energy by and for communities, and on our knowledge of council-led approaches to sustainable energy. The focus of the toolkit is on how community and municipal energy can support each other to tackle the climate emergency and create sustainable, inclusive and socially just energy systems with citizens at their centre.

The aim of the toolkit is to help support community groups and local authorities develop their shared journeys to local energy. With limited resources, collaboration is key; identifying how community groups and the local authority can help shape and deliver objectives together makes us all stronger and more effective.

The toolkit presents a variety of case studies of projects where community groups and local authorities have successfully worked together from Bath and West Community Energy to the Bristol Community Energy Fund and there is a step-by-step guide for getting going following a formula that we found has worked.


Open and download the toolkit here:

Transforming Energy: The Power of Local


If you have any questions, please contact us at Enjoy reading it and good luck with your project!


The toolkit was written by Caroline Bird, Jake Barnes, Caroline Ennion, Rebecca Windemer and Lorna Humphreys

It was produced by Bristol Energy Network in collaboration with Bristol City Council and Community Energy England using funding from Power to Change.