BEN Open Meeting 2 March 2019

This was hosted by Ambition Lawrence Weston on Saturday 2nd March. There were some interesting presentations, great conversations and useful connections made. The presentations are here.

Presentations for the event are here:

1. Engaging our community in energy by Mark Pepper from Ambition Lawrence Weston

2. City Leap by David White from Bristol Energy Service

3. BESST-Innovate UK by Laura Penny from Bristol Energy Ltd

4. BEN Update by David Tudgey from Bristol Energy Network

Laura Penny from Bristol Energy Ltd will be sorting out the feedback from the workshops into material that will feed into the BESST project funded by InnovateUK which we will pass on to you.

David Saunders and Low Carbon Gordano have volunteered Lockleaze to be the host of next BEN Open Meeting on the back of their Next Generation funding for R&D into urban solar farm in Lockleaze (well done, you guys!). AND Matt Wood from Bedminster Energy Group and Bioregional has suggested that we hold a pre-meeting to feed into this to glean the community’s knowledge on solar panels and batteries. So please keep an eye on the website and in the newsletter for updates. Let me know if you are interested in being part or coming along to both or either!

If you’ve got any ideas for a future meeting, then please get in touch.