25 Jan 2017: Setting the Scene for 2017

On 25 January we kicked off the year with our event ‘Bristol community energy: Setting the scene for 2017’. The meeting was attended by around 25 members and friends old and new, including Bristol Energy Co-operative, Friends of the Earth Bristol, North Bristol Advice Centre and Groundwork.

In the first part of the meeting everyone shared their plans for the year ahead, and then got together around themes to look at the different approaches taken and how we can collaborate and support each other. During the second part of the meeting people gave their feedback on BEN’s new draft strategy and worked in groups to prioritise the network’s activities for the year ahead.

Some photos of the meeting:

cards circle roomimg_0239


















Flipcharts from the first session, sharing plans for the year and how they related to the Community Strategy for Energy themes:

  1. Community resilience and less fuel poverty
  2. Understanding energy and behaviour
  3. Energy efficiency and low carbon technology
  4. Renewable energy
  5. Local economic development

img_0210 img_0211