“The local embedding of technologies through community-led initiatives: the case of sustainable energy”

Jake Barnes’ PhD thesis (2016) looks at how how are community-led energy initiatives integrating and using sustainable technologies locally. This uncovers a gap in current knowledge between the how technology is adopted by wider society the how technology is used by individuals. Jake proposes that community-led initiatives can fill this gap and how the local context … Continued

“Mapping household direct energy consumption in the United Kingdom to provide a new perspective on energy justice”

This article, written in April 2016, looks at energy consumption (gas, electricity and cars) from thousands of households to see how high energy consumers can reduce their use and makes policy recommendations about targeting resources to reduce consumption on equity and justice principles.   Mapping household direct energy consumption in the United Kingdom to provide … Continued

BIG Green Week research seminar, June 21st 2013

  Energised communities: research in practice.  This research seminar drew together lessons from a range of projects, including the University of Bristol’s ‘Maintaining Momentum’, in exploring how communities impact on the way we use energy. Starting with the launch of the Bristol Community Strategy for Energy, the day looked at approaches from a whole community … Continued

“Maintaining Momentum in Bristol Community Energy” 2012-13

HOW KNOWLEDGE BROKERS AND POLICY TRANSLATORS CAN HELP COMMUNITIES MAINTAIN MOMENTUM FROM SEED GRANTS. What structures, processes and practical arrangements best allow brokers to ‘manage up and manage down’ between energy policy frameworks and community energy groups? How can community energies be harnessed and developed in ways that continue to both engage communities and constructively … Continued

“Bristol Green Doors: An innovation history”

This history by Tom Hargreaves, written in 2012, charts the development of Bristol Green Doors, highlighting the many challenges faced along the way and how these have been overcome. It is an important model of how community energy projects grow and diffuse. Bristol Green Doors: An innovation history


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