Opportunity for Bristol groups to link up with similar Community Action Groups in Oxfordshire

At the network you could say our core purpose is to create an open platform to share and collaborate. Sharing the skills, knowledge, experience and expertise of people within Bristol and the surrounding area whilst working together for a smarter, greener future.  

BUT why draw a line around Bristol?well, ok the city-region may seem an appropriate size to develop connections and work together but there may also times when you would like to talk to a group who are doing similar things, are at a similar stage of development, or have undertaken a similar project to what your planning.  So whilst there is lots of activity in here in Bristol, we’re often doing different things. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Community Action Groups, Oxfordshire to offer a  means to connect with groups further a field, Oxfordshire to be precise. 


Below is a list of Community Action Groups within Oxfordshire, click on the name to find out more about them.

Found a group that you would like to start a conversation with? 

Drop us an email at Bristol.energy.network@gmail.com (with the name of the group & what your interested in) and with the help of Simon Kenton from CAG Oxfordshire we’ll put you in touch the appropriate person in that group. Simple.  


We’re not sure quite where this will lead – from a quick bit of advice or something more substantial – but lets see. We’re also hoping it will be reciprocal so should any groups approach us we hope you will be keen to return the favour. 




Community Action Groups in Oxfordshire


Note: not all these groups are specifically energy orientated. They cover a range of issues, such as food, water, waste and recycling. So if you’re a Bristol foodie or recycling group and interested in linking up with one of the groups above please do drop us an email, we’d be more than happy to help. The ones with * s have energy projects.