New Year 2013 Funding Appeal

On Monday (28/1) D.E.E. launched its New Year 2013 funding appeal. We’re looking for £1.5k to continue extending our practical energy workshops to more people – and we’ve got until 25th February to get enough pledges!

 Our workshops aim to achieve the following:

  • A greater understanding of energy, its contexts and how it relates to needs & demand.
  • An understanding of the relatively small, but useful, contribution to energy needs solar panels can make.
  • A basic practical understanding & ability in order to build a DIY solar panel.
  • A basis for technical understanding of electrical circuits.
  • The confidence and enthusiasm to consider teaching others.

We can run workshops where we charge for as long as people are willing to pay us, but to target low income households and individuals we need funding. This is for:

  • the time required to organise, publicise and run each workshop
  • the materials necessary to ensure each participant gets what they need to learn everything they need to know
  • the space and facilities to run the workshop in

And these are the workshops we really want to run. Find out more here, and check out the video above.