Make your home eco courses

Easton Energy Group will be running two courses in the new year in partnership with MakeyourhomeEco, run by Martin Fodor. This is a great opportunity for community group volunteers to improve their skills and knowledge. The course will focus on:

 – Free and low cost ways to save money and energy

 – General advice, from basic through to advanced

 – Specific focus on owner-occupied and tenancy solutions

 – Understanding appliances and bills

 – The most cost-effective solutions for you

 – Draught proofing and other options

There will be six 90 minute sessions per course, starting January 21st 2014 at Easton Community Centre.

The dates are:

Tuesdays 7-8.30pm

Thursdays 1.30-3pm (starting 30th Jan)


The course will cost £30 (£10 concessions), but you should save much more than this on your energy bills with the knowledge you gain. If you would like to sign up fill in this form.


Some testimonials (more here):


“It’s helped me understand the relationship between energy saving, carbon footprint reduction and the effectiveness (both in these terms and in financial terms) of undertaking different projects so that I can understand what potential payback may be and I can therefore prioritise which are most relevant / achievable for me.”


“It has helped me to focus and given me the information and confidence to get on with some projects, particularly the low cost ones that I can do myself.”

Sign up here: