BEN Board Meeting Summary – January 2015

BEN Quarterly  Directors Meeting Summary

Thursday 8th January 2015

Attendees: Paul Adams (PA), Jake Barnes (JB), Caroline Bird (CB), Vincent Brissenden (VB), Simon Roberts (SR), David Tudgey (DT), Katharine Wall (KW)

Membership update

One new voting organisation was agreed at the meeting, as were two individuals and one non-voting organisation. Seven key groups that we want to be voting members were identified and pre-approved for membership. These groups will be contacted individually. It was agreed that after this push with memberships that non-members details could be removed from the website.


The first BEN CIC AGM needs to be held within 18 months of incorporation, which was 9th June 2014. The first years’ accounts, to the end of the accounting year, 30th June, will be presented along with a directors’ report. It is expected that the first AGM will be September 2015, with details to be set at the next full directors meeting, due in April 2015.  


The Energy Champions project needs to be added to the predicted finances for the year to allow the directors to make a decision about how much funding there might be for a coordinator. Several finance procedures and controls were discussed and agreed, and will be put in place immediately.


A brief for improvements to the website have been given to a third party. Newsletters will continue to go out monthly, with input from the coordinator for the Energy Champions project. The next BEN Open meeting is being organised hopefully for mid February and will look at the Energy Champions project, Bristol 2015 projects and other community energy activities in 2015.


Recruitment of a BEN Coordinator and a coordinator for the Energy Champions project will be administered by CSE, with these two roles possibly being combined if it’s felt appropriate. 

Energy Champions

The initial OVO part of the Energy Champions project is up and running, with 15 people already interested. A temporary coordinator is currently working on this project and all procedures, policies and paperwork are in place for the Energy Champions to be recruited. 

Green Capital

BEN hopes to work with the successful projects funded through the Green Capital initiative, many of whom are BEN Members and BEN was involved in a number of the applications.

Green Deal Communities Scheme Interim Report

A Green Deal Communities Scheme Interim Report has been submitted to Bristol City Council and a summary of this report is hoped to be published soon.

University collaboration

A report on the Connected Communities initiative will be produced during January and ideas for MSc student dissertation projects were discussed, including Warm Up Bristol and Energy Champions.