FutureProof Update

Progress report 16th May 2020

FutureProof services support homeowners and builders in the West of England to carry out energy saving improvements and refurbishments with confidence.

BEN has been engaged to signpost new builders to the training and development scheme, carry out research about how much energy efficiency measures are considered in home-building improvements and to promote the service to homeowners.

FutureProof was showcased at the BEN Open Meeting in September 2020 hosted by the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Energy Group. It has also been introduced at several other community meetings. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, BEN was also working on an engagement programme with local building suppliers to small and medium-sized builders.

This enabled us to contact and refer builders and tradespeople onto the training provided by Green Register and to link them up with The CHEESE Project.

BEN in partnership with CSE have also developed a customer survey both to understand how much energy efficiency measures are considered when making improvements to the home and to identify new builders that might be interested in becoming part of the FutureProof service. The survey has been circulated to BEN members and through Energy Champions, on social media and the BEN newsletter.

The survey can be found here.

Through this project, BEN has strengthened its links with the Carbon Co-op. This Manchester-based organisation provides training and advice to help people reduce their home carbon emissions.

Earlier this year, they trained two BEN members who are also CHEESE surveyors to use their Home Energy Assessment tool. This determines the baseline energy performance of a house and can model the impact of future improvements.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, BEN has continued to promote and attend the Carbon Co-op on-line training series and sharing this knowledge with our Energy Champions and BEN members, see the write ups here.