Final Call for half price solar thermal



Calling all sun lovers!! 


We are now entering the final straight of the Lets Go Solar Project and only have 30 vouchers left, each worth £1280 to put towards the cost of having Solar Thermal panels installed on your home. Add to this the further discount we’ve secured through the bulk purchase of the panels and you can save up to HALF on the normal cost of a Solar Thermal installation if you install with Lets Go Solar. IT’S NOW OR NEVER FOLKS! So, if you’re a home owner and want to save energy and money please get in touch by emailing


Free survey by an installer from Bristol Area Solar Installers Co-op (BASIC) is part of the process in helping you decide if the Solar Thermal will be right for you. All installs will be completed by end of June 2013. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Who is eligible? 

You need to be a homeowner, with a BS postcode and living in your home. There are 23 vouchers available for households in more what are considered more ‘deprived’ areas (as measured by the Index of Multiple Deprivation) and only 8 left for anywhere in Bristol. The installers will go through the finer points of eligibility and suitability with each household who expresses an interest.