Understanding switching energy tariffs – A CSE training session


How to book: Contact communities@cse.org.uk to express your interest or find out more about any of the sessions.


What CSE say:

“We’re especially keen to train up volunteers who are involved with community buildings, or who are giving advice to members of the public at energy events.

Our first training session next week will focus on how to carry out a walk-around energy audit using a checklist, identifying potential building improvements and creating an action plan to prioritise the recommended improvements.

If your group is involved in giving advice directly to householders, then it could be very useful to send one of your members to the training on switching energy tariffs or draught proofing. Being able to explain the switching process in a clear and confident way will encourage people to check that they are on the right tariff, and if they want to know about inexpensive improvements they can make then knowing more about draught-proofing can help spur them into action.

The sessions are free to attend for members of community organisations. We hope to see you there!”