Small grants Energy Action Group evaluation meeting

Small grants energy action group evaluation meeting 2nd October. We will be holding a small grants Energy Action Group project evaluation meeting, at 1 Priory Road from 7pm to 9pm on 2nd October 2014. Please complete the Eventbrite here if you wish to attend that meeting.
The meeting on 2nd October will be evaluating small projects only from the Energy Action Group  key criteria of: 1) Energy efficiency 2) Affordable warmth 3)  Renewables 4) Empowering and improving energy literacy. This evaluation process plays no formal part in the award of small grants, but it will provide an opportunity for applicants to receive feedback and comments, give them an opportunity to collaborate with projects of a similar nature and help them understand where there may be duplication, either with existing projects in the city or with other small grant applications. If you are planning to submit a small grant application then please email a copy of your completed small grant application to by Tuesday 30th September.  If you are submitting an application you are of course welcome to attend the meeting on the 2nd and to discuss it and receive feedback there. However you do not need to attend that meeting in order for your application to be considered by Quartet.