New Beginnings Tuesday 11th February 6:30-9pm

Dear BEN supporter/member,
There will be a few changes to the orginal agenda as BEN has been nominated to facilitate the new Bristol Green Capital sub group with support from CSE. We will therefore be discussing who is interested in being involved in this, how often the sub group will meet, and the remit and focus of the sub group as well as constitution of BEN.This email contains a brief agenda for the next BEN meeting, as well as some important additional information, including:

  • Agenda and event information for BEN meeting on 11th February

  • BEN Legal structure & Governance

  • BEN Network coordinator job details

Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Location: Centre For Sustainable Energy, Bedminster Parade, BS3 4AQ

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Agenda is as follows (please note we may alter the running order depending on the audience):
18:15 arrival for 18:30 START
18:30 BEN structure & governance
Please see important information below about formalising BEN’s legal structure and how we are governed
19:15 Date / content of next meeting
There was too much to fit into one meeting, therefore we will be discussing agenda items for the next meeting and try and agree a date.
19:25 Pause
(To allow people who only want to come along to the Green Capital energy sub-group time to arrive!)
19:30 Bristol Green Capital energy sub group
BEN has been nominated to facilitate the new Bristol Green Capital sub group with support from CSE. We will therefore be discussing who is interested in being involved in this, how often the sub group will meet, and the remit and focus of the sub group.
20:00 News and member updates
Open forum to provide updates on projects, grants and funding, news from groups and business. This will include from new members of the BGCP subgroup as well as regular attendees at BEN meetings.
20:30 Any other business and CLOSE
Mingle / network at the pub
Important info regarding Network open-meeting – 11th February @ 6:30pm
We have reached a time in our development as an organisation where we need to formalise our structure and governance. Whilst we appreciate many of you will not be to interested in this legal stuff, we do however wish to consult with people, groups, businesses, key stakeholders, etc. to ensure we develop our organisation so that it is fit for purpose of the people and organisations we hope to support and work with.
This is something which has been needed for a while, but the timing is now very relevant as Bristol Council have offered us some funding to develop our legal structure and employ a part-time network co-ordinator. This is the first time in 5 years that we will have employed someone and so we need to make sure the network develops in a way which supports and develops energy projects in the Bristol area.
To ensure we make the best decision and continue with our ethos of collaborative working with Bristol energy related organisations, we require your support and/or input.
The attached powerpoint presentation [PA1] outlines the proposed legal entity and governance structure. Please take a look and come along to the meeting prepared to discuss. If you feel strongly about it, why not drop us an email before hand?
The main questions we will be discussing are as follows:
1. Do you support BEN becoming a CIC?
If not, please explain why, and suggest why you think an alternative legal structure would be better?
2. Please let us know your thoughts on the proposed Governance Structure
3. Is there anything else we should consider?
BEN Coordinator Position
With funding from BCC, the network is currently recruiting a part-time (0.2 FTE) coordinator!
Key responsibilities:


  1. Consolidating and projecting the network both internally and externally, in person and using social media, print and online communication

  2. Communicating ideas, projects and events between members, external organisations and the general public

  3. Developing an action plan for the Community Strategy for Energy (CSfE) and working with members and partners to ensure its delivery

  4. Planning and organising quarterly open network meetings on topics of interest, public engagement events and attending relevant external events where appropriate

  5. Developing, co-ordinating and supporting volunteer positions within the network

  6. Managing everyday inquiries, information exchange and finances

  7. Identifying and developing means of continuing the network and supporting member groups through applications to new funding streams or developing new business models and partnerships where possible.

  8. Work with the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), relevant parts of the council and other support agencies to ensure network member groups benefit from their advice services, information resources and event kit to ensure a thriving network

  9. Propose credible citizen engagement activities for 2015, Bristol’s year as European Green Capital

  10. Implement governance structures for the Network, including managing membership

  11. Ensure the network adequately represents all its members as measured by feedback/evaluation from all member groups

Application deadline: 12.00 noon on Monday 17th February   
Further info: 
Best wishes,

Bristol Energy Network Team