Low Carbon Communities: New times, new ways forward


The Low Carbon Communities Network (LCCN) 2012 annual conference will look at new ways forward for community action in a time of significant economic and social change. National speakers will include Jonathon Porritt. Local organisations from across the UK will also be well represented, along with speakers from local government, universities, and energy companies. Discussions will focus on two key areas:

  • Community Energy – now and for the future
  • New partnerships to tackle climate change


Discussions on these issues will cover:

Community Energy – now and for the future plenary and workshop sessions on a range of topics including:

  • Community Renewables: new developments and opportunities
  • Green Dealing? What will the new programme mean for community groups?
  • Feed-In Tariffs – community tariffs and next steps
  • Home Energy Efficiency – lessons from leading projects
  • Energy efficiency, renewables and fuel poverty: How can community action link environmental economic and social goals?


New partnerships to tackle climate change: sessions on:

  • Communities working with local councils and other agencies
  • How can communities access and work with universities?
  • How can voluntary groups work well with social enterprises and other new structures?
  • Communities and the private sector – challenges and opportunities
  • Climate and low carbon groups and the wider community sector


We expect over 200 local community-based organisations to take part in this free event, bring in expertise and enthusiasm from across the UK. The Kings’ Conference Centre is in Osney, Oxford in walking distance from Oxford Rail and Bus stations and has 50Kw of solar PV installed on its roof.

We invite you to join us for this exciting and dynamic event, to further develop the role of community action in tackling climate change and creating a low-carbon society. See below for details of how other organisations can get involved in this unique event.

For the Conference Agenda please click here.

Book now by visiting – http://lccnconference2012.eventbrite.com/

Attendance is free but a cheque for £20.00 made out to Low Carbon Communitites Network must be recieved within 10 days of registering or the ticket will be cancelled. You will recieve your un-cashed cheque upon arrival at the event. The cheque must be sent to:

The Old Music Hall,
106 Cowley Road,

The Kings Centre
The Kings Centre has ample space for exhibitions, stalls and interactive displays, so if you’d like stall space please contact – hello@lowcarboncommunities.net 
It also has 50Kw of photovoltaic cells on its roof!
For a detailed map and travel directions from Oxford train station (only 10 min walk) visit –http://www.kingscentre.co.uk/findus/index.php