Funding workshop: Megawatt Community Energy Fund

Wednesday 6 September, 2pm

St Paul’s Family and Learning Centre

The Megawatt Community Energy Fund has been set-up by Bristol Energy Cooperative to support community action on climate change and/or making energy more affordable by addressing fuel poverty. The fund will support projects that aim to:

  • Raise awareness of climate change, its solutions and how to reduce its impact (mitigation)
  • Reduce fossil fuel consumption of individuals, organisations and communities either directly through energy measures, or indirectly through the more efficient use of resources. Projects do not have to be energy projects but must have clear aims to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.
  • Reduce fuel poverty, to ensure everyone can access and afford the energy they need.
  • Develop social, arts, cultural or sports activity that encourages or celebrates sustainability.

Applicants should live or work in our operational area: Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Sedgemoor District (Somerset).

Register for the workshop:

Please note the 6.30 session has been postponed.