Free talk: UK Energy trends

What’s happening to UK greenhouse gas emissions?

What’s the future for oil, coal and gas in the UK?

Are current government policies compatable with targets?

My name is Nikki Jones and I am a researcher/writer on global energy. On the 9th of March I will be giving an overview of UK energy trends at the Salt Cafe on St George’s Road, near Jacob’s Wells roundabout, BS1 5UJ. Over the course of an hour I will explain our diverse and overlapping renewable and emission targets and the progress we are making towards them. This is a chance to understand the challenges for the UK and where current government policy is leading us. There will opportunities for questions throughout.

This is the second of two talks I will present at the Salt Cafe. The first will focus on global energy trends and the current crisis in the fossil fuel industries –

The cafe opens at 6:30 and the talk will start at 7pm.

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