Fair Sustainable Future – Ask your Mayorial Candidates


Early notification of majoral candidate hustings!

The overall objective is to publicise Bristol 'fair sustainable future' issues, clarify mayor candidate views on them and note any commitments they can make on these issues.

Chair: Prof Martin Bigg of UWE, who is also chair of Bristol Green Capital



The event will structured as follows: 

Green Capital: Darren brief statement and question

Food (with Bristol Food Network)

Buildings/planning (with Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network)

Energy (with Bristol Energy Network)


If you have any suggestions on the topics or questions within the above sections that you would like to see asked please get in contact with Julian Jones either by email or phone (julian.p.jones@gmail.com / 07809 122474). 

Free tickets available online or at the watershed box office.


Organised by Bristol Friends of the Earth and Equality Bristol, with contributions from Bristol Green Capital members, Bristol Energy Network, Bristol Food Network, Neighbourhood Planning Network and others.