Energy Action Group meeting

Bristol European Green Capital Energy Action Group with Love the Future and Bristol Energy Network

A Brighter Future for the South West – What could a Green Energy plan look like for Bristol and the region?

As we approach COP21 and reflect on the action that we need to take to avoid runaway climate change, local experts with national reputations share their detailed and credible plans for our low carbon future – including clean renewable energy, energy saving, and technology solutions. Their mix of approaches could enable us to drastically reduce our carbon emissions, keep money in our local economy, generate green jobs and potentially avoid the need for more nuclear power.

3.45 to 6pm Thursday 3rd December.
Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol BS2 ONW


  • Andrew Clarke of the The Resilience Centre and author of the report, “The Power to transform the South West,” a report commissioned by Molly Scott Cato and funded by the Green/EFA Group of the European Parliament.
  • Molly Scott Cato, Member of the European Parliament for the South West.
  • Dr Dan Quiggin, Author of the recently published Greenpeace report, UK 2030 Energy Scenarios and Founder of Demand Energy Equality.