Coping With cold: local solutions to fuel poverty


Who are the hardest hit by fuel poverty and the misery of cold homes? How does this affect your organisation and the people you work with? What’s being done to address the fuel bill crisis? What resources and services are available to help?

Energy prices and the ability of the poorest in our society to stay healthily warm this winter have moved to the top of the political agenda. More and more people are having to chose to ‘heat or eat’ – and the problem is getting worse.

In response to this, CSE is hosting a late-afternoon event in which we’ll share some of our lessons and experiences from delivering projects to address fuel poverty – including analytical tools, insulation schemes, and targeted outreach work with older people, young families and minority ethnic groups.

There will be an opportunity to discuss what we can do together with local partners such as housing associations, councils, funders, community groups etc to reach those households most at need and we’ll be exploring some of the challenges to making the greatest impact.

Places are still available, so if you’d like to join us, please email