Challenges in solar energy conversion and storage: Inaugural Lecture: Professor David Fermin – How to exploit the only global superpower

Inaugural lectures provide an opportunity for academics to share their achievements in research, innovation, engagement and teaching activities before an audience of members of the University community and the general public.

Professor David Fermin – Professor of Electrochemistry

How to exploit the only global superpower: Challenges in solar energy conversion and storage

Even the staunchest climate change deniers would accept that large scale utilisation of solar energy is crucial for powering the ever growing global population. The deployment of solar energy systems, as well as other renewable energy sources, involves significant challenges at the physical (fundamental), technological, economic, political and societal levels. In this lecture, Professor Fermin will highlight some of the scientific challenges posed by material complexity at the atomic scale, technology uptake, lack of leadership in energy policy and the Daily Mail.

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