Building a Solar Tree – Volunteers needed!

Demand Energy Equality is building a Solar Tree this September in Bristol, and we need your help!

The solar tree will be built using DIY solar panels and power a rain-fed irrigation pump at Edible Futures, a Bristol based food resilience project. It seeks to engage local groups and participants – particularly those whose access to energy is becoming more and more constrained by rising prices – in the food and energy crises we face and the potential of local solutions to them.

We're all funded and ready to go. 

Now we're looking for community groups, organisations and activists to take part in totally free day-long workshops, learning about energy and gaining the skills needed to create DIY solar panels, all as part of building the solar tree itself. The workshops will run over 3-5 days in the third week of September (Sunday 16th onwards), and anyone interested can specify which day(s) would work best for them.

If you are organising around energy, or consider yourself an activist with a particular interest in energy, it would be fantastic to have you involved – we want a diverse mix of people from the totally disengaged to the heavily involved.

We welcome those with disabilities or learning difficulties, but have no specific training ourselves. Access to the site may be impossible for some, for example wheelchair users. We are enthusiastic to discuss what may or may not be possible in this regard and work to ensure access to the project for as many people as possible.

If you are interested in being involved, or want some more info, please give us a shout via, or on 07749552063. And please do pass this on to anyone involved in local energy solutions that you think might be interested, and more importantly any community groups you think would benefit from being involved.

Thanks for reading,

Dan, Laura & Max of Demand Energy Equality.