BRISTOL SOLAR CITY CONFERENCE  Friday morning, June 15    Hamilton House , 9:30 (for 10:00) 13:00.  

Can solar electricity help make the UK sustainable for energy, sooner than we thought? And will Bristol lead the way? Bristol Solar City is the campaign of Bristol Solar Group (BSG), which was formed after a successful Bristol-Hannover Energy Summit in June 2011.

In 2011 the UK shot from 77Mw of installed solar PV electricity to 1Gw 13x growth generous Feed in Tariffs met plummeting prices for solar panel to generate this huge leap.   The Tariffs have been cut, but prices are still dropping… 

Bristol's Solar Map, published in February, shows room for 700Mw of solar on the city's roofs.  And Bristol Council are sourcing EU funding (ELENA) for a major municipal energy programme.

Bristol Power Co-op's Streets of Solar project will put solar PV on 300 homes in Lockleaze see our STREETS OF SOLAR VIDEO!  And BASIC – Bristol Area Solar Installers Co-op, has been formed to tackle major projects like Lockleaze.  

Find out more about Streets of Solar, BSG, ELENA, BASIC, and help plan the next steps in making Bristol a fully sustainable Solar City.

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Event sponsored by Bristol Solar Group, Hamilton House, and Bristol Power Co-op.