Bristol Power Day


To mark the start of Community Energy Fortnight Bristol Power Coop are organising a very interactive Bristol Community Energy Day Working together to realise the 2015 opportunity energy in Bristol  on Saturday 13th September in Hamilton House from 10:30 to 16:30. 

The event will be an opportunity to discuss the big issues, how we implement our Community Strategy for Energy, and achieve Bristol Solar City goals, by working more closely together as Bristol Energy Network – and by working with partners.

The morning session will explore how community groups working together can raise their profiles as we enter Green Capital year – 2015. In the afternoon looking at the exciting opportunity for the network to engage with commercial partners who are entering the field of community energy including the creation of green jobs.

Concluding by reviewing the opportunities for community engagement, investment and job creation that come from implementing the Community Strategy for Energy. Event sponsor Bristol Power Co-op will be informally launching their second share offer. 

Please take 5 mins to fill out their survey before attending the event. Book your ticket here