Bristol Energy Network Open Meeting – 2015 GREEN CAPITAL

Bristol Energy Network will be hosting it’s 1st meeting of 2015 at OVO Energy’s office to offically launch Energy Champions. It is an opportunity to meet project partners and hear about all the activities that the network members are involved in 2015. 

OVO Energy have funded the intital stages of Energy Champmion scheme, which we have now had confirmation of further funding from Bristol Green Capital. We have been working hard with our project partners CSE, NHS Bristol, Friends of the Earth South West as well as many other groups to develop the project and are now recruiting champions to take part in activies throughout 2015.

Hear from the creators of the Energy Tree (Solar tree) from Demand Energy Equality which is going to be installed at Bristol Millennium Square and from the founder of Bristol Green Doors on their plans for open homes in 2015. 

Register your place at our next BEN meeting here to find out more.