Bristol Community Strategy for Energy – 2nd workshop


The second workshop of Bristol’s community strategy for energy. 


The Folk House, 40Park Street

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The 2nd workshop will discuss progress made at collectively writing the strategy and begin to explore the pathways for achieving the vision by 2020. The 1st workshop was very quick and lively, aimed at gathering information to shape the basis of the strategy, we hope the 2nd workshop will be a chance to debate and amend whats been drafted collectively on the wiki document.    

By the end of the evening the aim is to have: 

  • Discussed, refined and agreed the vision statement 
  • Agreed the core principles that underpin the distinctiveness and vitality of the sector
  • Come to a consensus around the key themes that run through the strategy

The second part of the workshop will be a chance to begin thinking about the potential pathways that might be taken in each theme. What goals could be included for community owned renewable energy generation or household retrofitting? How can we support the formation of more groups in the city? What roles do the local council, business and third sector organisations play? Or what examples already exist within the city that can be built upon? 

The strategy is being written on a wiki page. The page can be accessed here. Everyone is invited to contribute!


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Why a citywide community energy strategy?
The establishment of Bristol’s first elected mayor, rising fuel prices, the need to accelerate grassroots action to Sustainability and the acute need for creative experimentation of technologies, social practices and behaviour are but a number of reasons why now is the time to join together to create a community energy strategy for Bristol. 


Collective writting session: Thursday 4th April @ bordeaux Quay, 7-9 pm – following Green monthly mingle (5-7pm) An opportunity to explore the wiki and get to grips with whats been written so far in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Also a chance to discuss the vision and contents of the strategy. All welcome

The wiki can be accessed here

Please do drop us an email if your having any trouble reading or accessing it!