BEN Open Meeting 3 July 2018



As part of Community Energy Fortnight, join us for a celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Bristol Community Strategy for Energy, to review progress and celebrate achievements.

We will also be updating the strategy so that it reflects our changing energy environment in the context of a Smart Energy City, building on work carried out by the Smart Energy City Collaboration.


Our hosts Easton Community Centre and Easton Energy Group will be reflecting on the Strategy and thinking about community energy resilience for the future, as they share their journey to the Owen Square Community Energy Cooperative with you.

There is also an opportunity to catch up with the REPLICATE project with Bristol Energy Network and Bristol City Council.

Ola Michalec will be helping us run a workshop to look at changes in technology and how to incorporate this into the Bristol Community Strategy for Energy. Ola is doing a PhD in social science at UWE and has spent the last year researching smart meters and water.

Finally, we will be looking at how BEN should get involved in the City Leap, a new Prospectus which will define how Bristol will become carbon neutral by 2020.

And if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a chance to network with other community energy groups over a tasty morsel or two!

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