BEN Meeting: Time for Action!

Join us for the next network meeting where we’ll be discussing:

The Community Strategy for Energy: Time for Action!

Having published the Community Strategy for Energy in June, it is time to develop a plan of action. How does the network translate its ambitions into a reality? How can community groups succeed in delivering the themes mapped out in the strategy?


All eyes will be on Bristol in 2015. Green Capital has the potential to be a major platform for the community energy sector. There will be a programme of green-themed events on a scale not yet seen before – it is time to decide what role community energy groups will play in this important year.

What does the network want to achieve by 2015?
How can community groups be a part of the celebrations and draw attention to the need for community energy?
What can we deliver for 2015 and what do we want out of it?

Member updates:

Hear the latest in community group activities and projects.

As always, there will be opportunities for networking and informal discussion over tea and coffee before and after the event.

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