BEN January Meeting- Healthy retrofitting, building on community energy success


As we embark on the largest retrofitting programme in history what are the potential impacts to human and building health? How can communities in engage with the Green Deal building on successes already achieved?

The first half of the meeting will take a closer look at how we make homes more energy efficient, the types of materials used and things to look out for in the process. In the second half, the University of Bristol presents outputs from the project ‘Maintaining Momentum in Community Energy’.

The meeting is kindly hosted by the University of Bristol.

Venue: Wills Memorial building, Old Council Chamber. The Event is free and there will be the usual thirst and hunger quenching supplies from 6.30, So sign up here! 



1. What are the health impacts of Retrofitting?

The Bristol Home Energy Upgrade launched in December 2012 with generous grants towards solid wall insulation. The long awaited Green Deal finance packages will be available from the end of January 2013 incentivising further retrofitting. But what do we know about the effects of retrofitting current buildings? What effect will improving air tightness have on the health of occupants and buildings? Will solid wall insulation increase the humidity of buildings? What materials are appropriate?

The first half of the meeting will take a closer look at these questions. Rose Furnival will address impacts of retrofitting on human health whilst Piers Sadler will talk about potential impacts to buildings.


2. Maintaining Momentum in Bristol Community Energy

Project researchers from the Unversity of Bristol have been exploring how community energy groups can maintain the momentum generated by seed grants and what would help them to grow. The work has reviewed the outcomes of the LEAF projects and looked at the role of intermediaries such as BEN and CSE; explored analogies with the earlier evolution of housing co-ops and assessed future opportunities, particularly in Bristol. In this session they will present some of the outcomes and recommendations from their work for discussion. Draft sections of the final report will be available in advance of the meeting. …….




To register for the event lick hereThe event is free, with food and drink available from 6.30

Venue: Wills Memorial building, room L1.5 (up the stairs, turn right)