Artivism in a Box @ Keep Art It

BEN will join indigenous storyteller //Kabbo Ferdinand running a pop-up space in the Galleries, Broadmead as part of the Keep Art It programme. //Kabbo will be exploring the link between culture and climate change with ‘Artivism in a Box‘ and BEN will be there with a presence offering practical solutions to the climate problems we face such as retrofit skills. We will also be running our ‘Energy Help Desk’ offering people practical help and advice on energy saving in the home.

BEN will be there in person Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st March. 


We will also be joined by some innovative students from the University of Bristol:

Solutions for Supporting Sustainable Cities
Students from the University of Bristol will demonstrate their projects at:
• 15.00-17.00 Wednesday 30 March and
• 17.00-18.00 Thursday 31 March

The projects are:
Project: Automating Waste Categorisation
( Team name: MWTE)
Proper classification of the city’s rubbish recycling has long been a concern. This project proposes an automated solution to help better recycling. It demonstrates how an artificial intelligence solution integrated into the recycling bin can automatically categorise rubbish into six categories (e.g., metal, paper, etc.) and place it into the right section of the collection bin. By using this approach, we will be able to improve waste utilisation efficiency and contribute to a greener Bristol.

Project: Thirstree
(Team name: Thurstree)
Thirstree is an app which allows users to select and adopt trees and plants around their locality. The users get reminders to water them based on the water requirement of the plants. The app boosts engagement of community with green spaces,  which directly benefits people’s mental health. It also improves the health of trees and plants in the city and indirectly contributes to spreading awareness about importance of greenspaces.

Project: RoboBin
(Team name: Zip)
Tired of seeing overflowing bins in public places? RoboBin is a concept created by an eclectic group of three Engineering Design undergraduates and a Biomedical Engineering PhD student. Our product is a small device that can be attached to the inner roof of a standard bin and measure and transmit how full of rubbish the bin is and inform authorities about the need to empty it. The students have also developed a computer program that can use data from a network of RoboBins to optimise collection routes helping the city councils to save time and resources and reduce environmental impact due to driving. This technology can also be put to use during short term events such as festivals and concerts to let organisers know which bins need emptying and the fastest way to get to them in real time, ultimately making our cities and parks cleaner and greener.

Project: Drone Delivery
(Team name: Drone and Recs)
Logistic companies like Air Prime and DHL are planning to switch to drones in order to enhance their delivery services. This means that there will soon be a new form of air traffic based on drone fleets. Our project is a stepping stone towards establishing a system for drone traffic control. We have prepared a simulation that optimises the delivery routes in order to reduce carbon emissions from drone use and maximise the drones’ lifespan.”