3rd workshop on Bristol’s Community Strategy for Energy


Developing the five strategy themes


The workshop will build on current progress towards identifying ‘stakeholders, action and monitoring’. Each of the five themes will be developed to answer the question: What is the role at a community level in achieving the goals?

This will be broken down into four sub questions:
  1. What can ‘we’ do (pathways and top level actions)? – what is the role of community groups in helping to deliver the ambitions? what are the routes to success? what are the steps on the pathway(s)? what can different groups in the community do? timescales? 
  2. Who could do it (stakeholders)? who else needs to be involved and what is their role? how do they become involved (motivation, benefits)?
  3. How do we measure it (goals and monitoring)?
  4. Who is already doing it? Other groups? other organisations? should they be joined together or should we work with them? Could it be used as a good example / case study?

The workshop will cover all five themes through round table discussion and plenary debate.

It will be the last chance to feed into the strategy before its launch at Big Green Week but the strategy will really only come into being after its initial launch, when we will need to elaborate the steps on each pathway and start putting some of talk into action! 


For a brief review of how we got here, see this short article