Energy Bills Support Scheme vouchers

Everyone who is named on an energy bill will be receiving £400 from the government to support with fuel costs over the winter. If you pay by direct debit or smart prepayment meter your account will be credited by £66 a month in October and November, and £67 a month in December, January, February and March.

If you use a key or card prepayment meter, you will receive a letter or email from your energy company with a voucher barcode on it. The letters look like normal communications or bills from your company so make sure and look out for them.

To redeem the vouchers you need to take your letter (with the barcode) and two forms of ID with your address to the Post Office. If you have any issues at your local branch, we know that the central Post Office in The Galleries in Broadmead will sort your vouchers out for you.

You need to redeem your vouchers within three months, otherwise they become invalid.

If you pay rent with bills included, then your landlord is encouraged to pass the Energy Bill Support money on to you but how that is done has not been made clear yet.