Bristol Power Co-op Community Share Offer Out Now!

Dear Friends!

We are very proud and excited to announce to you the launch of Bristol Power Co-op’s first Community Share Offer! Following a highly successful set of installation projects that were completed earlier in the summer, and the amazing reception these received by the residents of Lockleaze and other community neighbourhoods across Bristol, we have been spending the past couple of months consolidating our processes and getting ready for the next phase of installations.
The Community Share Offer that we are launching today will set the scene for our next phase of installation projects in Lockleaze and beyond and we believe that this approach will allow us to continue offering solar PV and other energy improvement measures to a rapidly increasing number of Co-op members on an ongoing basis moving forward.
You can download the share offer prospectus from our web site. We hope that you will find it an interesting read and we would very much welcome your support in getting the prospectus distributed to as wide an audience across Bristol as possible.
Many thanks for your support and patience to date, we are hopeful that things will step up a gear from here.
With very best wishes from the Bristol Power project delivery team!