Bristol community Strategy for Energy



A collectively developed Community Energy Strategy for Bristol, driving initiatives that will put Bristol on the map, creating Bristol’s best future and establishing ‘Bristol firsts’ in community energy and energy efficiency; the result of community projects and city-wide partnerships working effectively together.




The strategy is now in circulation for final comments-

Click here to access it.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far

At this point it feels like the strategy has been a long time in the making if we think back to the autumn when the idea was first muted. But in practice we have achieved much in that time, from a first sketch through three lively workshops to pages of notes and a lengthening strategy document.

We are now in the final stage but time is against us. Our mayor George Ferguson will launch the strategy in just two weeks, on Friday 21st June at the Solar Pavilion on College Green


Before then we invite you all to read and make comments on the strategy by Wednesday 12th June. 


The strategy can be accessed here. All comments, suggestions and amendments welcome – particularly if they make it more concise, more readable and yet more comprehensive!

Sorry for the small window of time to make comments, we are now up against it. Please use track changes on the word document or jot down ideas or comments in an email and return to on or before Wednesday 12th June.

If you would like to refresh yourself on previous discussions the workshop notes can be found under the resources tab above.

Whilst this is the last chance to input for now, as previously agreed the strategy will become a living document.




The Background: 
Following the election of our first mayor George Fergusson and a lively debate at the BEN November open meeting individuals participating in the BEN Google group put together an initial justifiaction for a strategy. That document is can be found here.  We’re received feedback on this from the council, CSE and others, met with interested people and spent many a dark hour discussing it.

Since March there have been three open workshops to develop Bristol’s first community energy strategy. The first workshop was fast and furious, designed to collect ideas and content. The notes from the first workshop were refined and built into the wiki. An open collective wrtting session and introudction to the wiki was held in early April and a second open workshop in mid April reviewed progress at collective writting. The third workshop focussed on the 5 themes and launch events. Summaries of the workshops can be found below. 


Summary of 1st workshop: 

– Simon Kenton from Community Action Groups, Oxfordshire outlined their approach 

– The aim of strategy and process was introduced, 

– Working in tables, the five themes of the strategy were developed 


Summary of 2nd workshop: 

– Broad agreement on the 5 themes, i.e. everyone thought these represented the sector well

– Partial agreement on the objectives for each theme

– Not much agreement on the detailed wording

Importantly most people agreed that it was a strategy primarily for the groups and people involved in the sector (a manifesto for community energy sector in Bristol), and perhaps secondly as a document to show to local Govt, national Govt, funders, businesses, etc.


Summary of 3rd workshop:

– discussion on BIG Green Week Solar Pavilion events and strategy launch – who and when

– split into small focussed groups to look at each of the 5 themes and further develop the pathways


Notes from the workshops can be found on the resources section of this site, click here



Strategy Launch events and Big Green Week

There will be two launch events, both within Big Green Week (15th– 23rd June):

1. At the first event the Mayor George Ferguson has agreed to launch the strategy alongside the Bristol Solar City initiative on Friday 21st June, 10 am in the ‘Solar Pavilion*’ on College Green. Big Green Week details here

2. At the second event we can celebrate what we’ve achieved and relax with a drink. Friday 21st June, 6 – 8.30pm at Zero Degrees Big Green Week details here


The first event is outward facing, seeking to attract council, business and media attention, whilst the second is designed for us, the communities to share what we have done and engage others. Details can be found on the Big Green Week website and further information will be posted on this website shortly.

An outline programme of events at the Solar Pavilion can be found here.


Energised communities: research in practice

The 3rd Big Green Week event is focused on the current university of Bristol research project into Maintaining Momentum in Community Energy. Their– practitioner seminar is on the Friday 21st 11.30 – 6.00 immediately preceding the Zero Degrees event. The seminar will explore how communities impact on the way we use energy and includes speakers from a range of universities across the country.

Further information can be found here: and here