Bristol Community Energy Fund open for applications

The Bristol Community Energy Fund is open for application again. This second round of grant funding will run until Monday 8 August 2016.

The grant programme supports activities with one of the following aims:

  • To support local people to reduce their energy use (e.g. their use of electricity or gas)
  • To support local people in moving toward cleaner renewable sources of energy
  • To support local people to take measures that ensure they can afford to meet their energy needs

The grant programme can support all costs relating to your project or activity, including: core costs (e.g. staff, office costs), project costs (e.g. venue hire, project worker) and capital costs (can support the cost of a renewable installation).

Grants are targeted at small organisations with charitable aims that are based and working in the Bristol area. You do not have to be an energy or environmental group. The grant programme encourages applications from groups led by communities that are most affected by energy issues, such as fuel poverty, or those groups who are under-represented in the energy movement, e.g. older people, Disabled people, BME and migrant communities.