What is COP26?

Our next open meeting is on COP26. You might be wondering what is COP26? Here is some background.

Guest blog by Judith Sluglett

Every year, Covid permitting, large numbers of countries meet together to discuss climate change.  This year the 26th meeting will take place in Glasgow in November and is called COP26 hosted by the UK and Italy.

At COP21 held in Paris 2015, the aim of stopping climate warming of 1.5º or a maximum of 2.0º was agreed upon and put into practice in 2016. Sadly the President of the United States, Donald Trump backed out of his obligation, but the new President, Joe Biden has reversed this decision.

COP26 will be the biggest climate change conference ever with people coming from all over the World.

Why does this matter to us? 

Ice-caps will melt, sea levels will rise, some countries will disappear under the waves, there will be greater pressure on the dry land that is left, and there will be climate refugees.

Some places will get hotter, too hot to grow the food that we depend on. In the British Isles we have a mild climate, but we have already suffered extreme weather with alternating floods and drought, and it’s likely to get worse. Winters will be colder and wetter, summers hotter and dryer. More and more of the elderly and weak will die.

What can we do?

Every one of us has a part to play.  We need to be careful with energy use at home:  draught-proof your letter boxes, doors, windows and unused fireplaces, put on a jumper instead of turning up the heating, boil just the water you need for your cuppa, turn off taps and turn off lights when you leave the room. Even on standby, TVs and microwaves burn electricity: flip the switch!  And this is just the beginning.

We can also get involved – join a local energy group with Bristol Energy Network, join calls for a Green New Deal and to Build Back Better after Covid, and learn about the COP itself from groups like  the COP26 Coalition or the Climate Fringe.  

It is also powerful to act locally. Come to our open meeting on the 22nd June to be part of the discussion and learn more about the role of Community Energy in the COP.