Bristol Green Doors looking for directors to support new phase

Since 2010, Bristol Green Doors has delivered an amazing programme of citywide events featuring Bristol’s best energy efficient super-homes, inspiring thousands of householders. The project has involved over 500 volunteers and countless volunteer hours. Given the national energy efficiency and retrofit picture, BGD directors feel the organisation should either close or go into a hibernation under new management.

BGD recently organised a stakeholder meeting with key organisations from Bristol Energy Network and Bristol CIty Council to discuss the future of the organisation. People recognised the huge value that BGD brings to the retrofit agenda for the city, and it was agreed at the meeting that the organisation should continue and new directors should be appointed from within Bristol Energy Network to support a period of transition.

The next steps will be to appoint new directors to maintain the resources and assets of the organisation so future events can continue. In the short term, it is hoped that small events can be organised until such at time that government policies are in place for retrofit to support bigger events in the city again – this also may involve a new direction and more integration into Bristol Energy Network.

If you’re interested in becoming a director of BGD to support the transition period, or longer-term, please get in touch with Dan Weisselberg or David Tudgey